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This is an MP3 download version of the original “It’s All Happening Here!” 16-track vinyl LP on Oriole MG20046, which was first released in 1961.  It contains three tracks by Ray Pilgrim (which are also available on the “Pilgrim’s Progress 1961” download  album) but in addition is a unique showcase of several of the Oriole/Embassy artistes of the time: Maureen Evans, The Raindrops with Jackie Lee and Vince Hill, Johnny Worth, Clinton Ford, Dick Jordan, the Ted Taylor Four, as well as Ray.

It was Ray Pilgrim who came up with the basic idea for the album, pointing out to Reg Warburton (the A&R man at Oriole/Embassy) that Oriole had more regular BBC radio broadcasters on its roster than any other UK label and ought to make an album featuring them.

Brian Matthew, compere of Saturday Club and Easy Beat (and the de facto leading voice of British Pop Radio) was chosen to be the producer for the album and for all the recording sessions.  Tommy Sanderson and Ted Taylor were the musical directors.

Ray was was given the objective of coming up with three tracks for the album: fristly to choose a well-known operatic ballad and devise a rock version of it, secondly to write a new song for himself, and thirdly to write another new song with an “Everly Brothers feel” as a duet for himself and Dick Jordan.  These became, respectively: Granada, Little Miss Make Believe, and Love is Blind.

Top UK songwriter and well-known singer in his own right, Johnny Worth (alias Les Vandyke), wrote three new songs for the album: two for himself and one for Maureen Evans.  As well as being an Embassy regular before he started writing big hits for Adam Faith, Johnny was actually Ray Pilgrim’s predecessor as the beat singer with the Oscar Rabin Orchestra!


  1. 1.It's All Happening Here - Johnny Worth

  2. 2.We're Gonna Dance - The Raindrops (with Jackie Lee and Vince Hill)

  3. 3.Don't Bring Lulu - Clinton Ford

  4. 4.But No-One Knows - Maureen Evans

  5. 5.Little Miss Make Believe - Ray Pilgrim

  6. 6.The Day That It Happens To You - Dick Jordan

  7. 7.Boston Tea Party - Johnny Worth

  8. 8.Corner Kick - Tommy Sanderson & His Group

  9. 9.Cat's Eyes - Ted Taylor Four

  10. 10.C'est Magnifique - Dick Jordan

  11. 11.Sentimental Journey - The Raindrops (with Jackie Lee and Vince Hill)

  12. 12.My Foolish Heart - Maureen Evans

  13. 13.Granada - Ray Pilgrim

  14. 14.Love Is Blind - Ray Pilgrim & Dick Jordan

  15. 15.Goodbye Dolly Grey - Clinton Ford

  16. 16.Tail-Piece - Tommy Sanderson & His Group