Pink ‘n’ Black PBEM-CD103


One of three “Embassy Story” CD’s compiled and digitally remastered by Darrel Higham for the Pink ’n’ Black label and is available through specialist internet sites such as www.bim-bam.com .   It is well worth seeking out this physical CD because it comes with an excellent 12-page booklet, crammed full of facts and photos meticulously researched and put together by Darrel.

Despite being born years after the last Embassy session took place, Darrel is a great Embassy afficionado - even to the extent of naming his recording studio “Embassy Studios”.  He is also one of Britain’s very best rockabilly guitarists and band leaders and is the husband of the great Imelda May.

This album contains 30 Embassy tracks covering Elvis hits ranging from 1957 through to 1964 sung by Mike Sammes (on 1 track), Neville Taylor (2), Rikki Henderson (9), Paul Rich (2), Johnny Worth (3), Ken Barrie (4), and Mike Redway (1).... plus Ray Pilgrim (8), singing on: 11, 12, 16, 18, 19, 20, 28 and 29.

Embassy stalwart, Paul Rich, was also the head of Elvis Presley’s music publishing company in the UK and used to send copies of all Embassy covers of Elvis material to the King himself!


  1. 1.All Shook Up - Shorty Mitchell (Mike Sammes)

  2. 2.Party - Rikki Henderson

  3. 3.Jailhouse Rock - Hal Munro (Neville Taylor)

  4. 4.Wear My Ring - Hal Munro (Neville Taylor)

  5. 5.Hard Headed Woman - Paul Rich

  6. 6.King Creole - Johnny Worth

  7. 7.I Got Stung - Johnny Worth

  8. 8.One Night - Rikki Henderson

  9. 9.I Need Your Love Tonight - Rikki Henderson

  10. 10.A fool Such As I - Johnny Worth

  11. 11.Stuck On You - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  12. 12.A Mess Of Blues - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  13. 13.It’s Now Or Never - Rikki Henderson

  14. 14.Are You Lonesome Tonight - Rikki Henderson

  15. 15.Surrender - Rikki Henderson

  16. 16.His Latest Flame - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  17. 17.Rockahula Baby - Paul Rich

  18. 18.Can’t Help Falling In Love - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  19. 19.Good Luck Charm - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  20. 20.Follow That Dream - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  21. 21.She’s Not You - Les Carle (Ken Barrie)

  22. 22.King Of /The Whole Wide World - Les Carle (Ken Barrie)

  23. 23.A Whistling Tune - Les Carle (Ken Barrie)

  24. 24.Ridin’ The Rainbow - Les Carle (Ken Barrie)

  25. 25.One Broken Heart For Sale - Rikki Henderson

  26. 26.Bossa Nova Baby - Mike Redway

  27. 27.Kiss Me Quick - Rikki Henderson

  28. 28.Kissin’ Cousins - Ray Pilgrim

  29. 29.Such A Night - Ray Pilgrim

  30. 30.Ain’t That Loving You Baby - Rikki Henderson