Pink ‘n’ Black PBEM-CD103


One of three “Embassy Story” CD’s compiled and digitally remastered by Darrel Higham for the Pink ’n’ Black label and is available through specialist internet sites such as www.bim-bam.com .   It is well worth seeking out this physical CD because it comes with an excellent 12-page booklet crammed full of facts and photos meticulously researched and put together by Darrel.

Despite being born well after the last Embassy session took place, Darrel is a great Embassy afficionado - even to the extent of naming his recording studio “Embassy Studios”.  He is also one of Britain’s very best rockabilly guitarists and band leaders and is the husband of the great Imelda May.

This album contains 25 Embassy tracks covering Cliff Richard hits ranging from 1958 through to 1964 sung by Neville Taylor (on 1 track), Rikki Henderson (2), Johnny Worth (4), Dick Jordan (5), Ken Barrie (1), and Mike Redway (6).... plus Ray Pilgrim (6), singing on: 8, 11, 14, 16, 17 and 20.


  1. 1.Move It - Hal Burton (Neville Taylor)

  2. 2.High Class Baby - Rikki Henderson

  3. 3.Mean Streak - Johnny Worth

  4. 4.Living Doll - Johnny Worth

  5. 5.Travellin’ Light - Dick Jordan

  6. 6.Dynamite - Rikki Henderson

  7. 7.A Voice In the Widerness - Johnny Worth

  8. 8.Fall In Love With You - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  9. 9.Please Don’t Tease - Don Duke (Dick Jordan)

  10. 10.Nine Time Out Of Ten - Johnny Worth

  11. 11.I Love You - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  12. 12.Theme For A Dream - Don Duke (Dick Jordan)

  13. 13.Gee Whiz It’s You -- Don Duke (Dick Jordan)

  14. 14.A Girl Like You - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  15. 15.When The Girl In Your Arms - Don Duke (Dick jordan)

  16. 16.The Young Ones - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  17. 17.I’m Looking Out The Window - Bobby Stevens (Ray Pilgrim)

  18. 18.It’ll Be me - Les Carle (Ken Barrie)

  19. 19.The Next Time - Mike Redway

  20. 20.Bachelor Boy - Ray Pilgrim

  21. 21.Summer holiday - Mike Redway

  22. 22.Lucky Lips - Mike Redway

  23. 23.It’s All In The Game - Mike Redway

  24. 24.On The Beach - Redd Wayne (Mike Redway)

  25. 25.The Twelfth Of Never - Redd Wayne (Mike Redway)